Dolores Cannon Quotes : Wisdom from the Renowned Hypnotherapist

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Dolores Cannon was a renowned author and hypnotherapist who left a lasting legacy in the field of spirituality and metaphysics. The work she did has inspired many people to explore the inner depths of their unconscious minds and search for awakening. In this article, we’ll look into many of the profound Dolores Cannon quotes, which provide wisdom and insight into the mysterious universe as well as our own human experiences.

Dolores Cannon’s Work : An Introduction

Dolores Cannon’s work in the field of hypnotherapy and regression from past lives has enabled millions of people throughout the globe to discover their subconscious mind and uncover the answers to the most fundamental questions. Her books, such as “The three waves of volunteers”, “The New Earth” and “The Convoluted Universe” provide insights into the essence that is the reality and the meaning of life, as well as the inter connectedness of everything.

In this article we will look at some of the top inspirational and stimulating Dolores Cannon quotes, which provide insight into the mysterious universe, and provide advice for people who want to live a happier life.

Who was Dolores Cannon?

Dolores Cannon (Born Dolores Eilene Taylor) was born on April 15, 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  Her parents were Arthur James Taylor and Mary Elizabeth Hardin.  She graduated from the St. Louis High School, Missouri.   Dolores married Johnny Cannon on May 5, 1951. Her husband was in US Navy with whom she spent the next 21 years travelling all over the world on his various overseas assignments. They had four children: Gloria, Julia, Nancy, Thomas.

Dolores Cannon Journey as Hypnotherapist 

Dolores Cannon started using using simple hypnosis for habits (stop smoking, lose weight and such issues in sixties. Her first job was as a traditional hypnotherapist however, took on an unexpected turn after she was introduced to the method of regression from past lives. With this technique she was able to assist clients in reliving memories from their past lives as well as gain insight into their present circumstances in their lives. Once her children had grown and left home to start their own lives, Cannon began practicing hypnosis more and was able to successfully attract a diverse range of clients, even though she lived in a small town, due to her desire to take on any case, regardless of the circumstances.

Dolores Cannon Work

In the course of her professional career, Dolores Cannon conducted thousands of hypnotherapy sessions.  She developed The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Method (QHHT) that is being taught and practiced by practitioners from all over the world. She produced more than 20 books.  She set up her own publishing company in 1992 called Ozark Mountain Publishing, that now publishes more than 50 authors in four different.  Her books have been translated into more than twenty languages..

Dolores Eilene Cannon passed away at the age of 83 in 2014 in Huntsville, Arkansas.  However her legacy lives on through her writings, books, lectures and through many people whom she touched.

Dolores Cannon’s Philosophy

Dolores Cannon’s philosophies were founded on the idea that human beings are all connected and there is an ultimate purpose for our existence.  She believed that each one of us has a specific part to play in the growth of consciousness and a responsibility to learn and develop.

Her work also touched on the concept of multi-dimensionality.  This concept suggests that there are many levels of reality beyond our physical existence.  Our souls live forever and that we are  constantly growing and expanding our consciousness. Dolores Cannon dug in the depths that surround life and the world and even beyond. She explored subjects like spirituality, the soul, reincarnation, UFOs and extra-terrestrials, the prophesies of Nostradamus and the transformation of consciousness through her many books and talks.

Dolores Cannon Quotes on Life and Purpose

She believed that every person has a unique purpose for our existence.  Our experiences, both good and bad, are essential for our growth and evolution. She also emphasized that we should never give up on our dreams.

She said,

“You came here with a purpose, and that purpose is something you have to discover for yourself. You have a mission to accomplish, and it’s never too late to start.”

“Life is not a school; it is an experience. We are not here to learn anything, but to experience everything.”

Dolores Cannon Quotes on the Soul and Spirituality

Dolores Cannon believed that the soul is eternal and that all humans are connected through a universal consciousness. She stated,

“We are all part of a divine plan, and every soul has a purpose in that plan.”

She also believed that we can access higher levels of consciousness through meditation.  She said,

“When you meditate, you connect with your higher self, and you begin to understand that you are not separate from the universe, but a part of it.”

Dolores Cannon Quotes on the Universe and Extraterrestrial Life

Dolores Cannon was fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and believed that there is much more to it than we can see or understand. She also believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life, UFOs and claimed to have communicated with beings from other planets through her clients. She stated,

“There are infinite possibilities in the universe, and we are just scratching the surface of what we know. We are not alone in the universe, and there is so much we can learn from other civilizations.”

Dolores Cannon Quotes on Healing and the Power of the Mind

Dolores Cannon believed that the mind has incredible healing powers and that we can heal ourselves and others through the power of thought. She also believed in the power of past-life regression therapy to heal past traumas and release negative patterns. She stated,

“Our thoughts and beliefs have a direct impact on our physical and emotional health. We have the power to heal ourselves and others through positive thinking and visualization.”

Dolores Cannon Quotes on the Shift in Consciousness

Dolores Cannon was a strong advocate of the shift in consciousness that she believed was happening on our planet. She also believed that this shift would bring about positive changes in the world.  She said, 

“We are entering a new era of consciousness, where we are beginning to awaken to our true nature and the interconnectedness of all things.”

“As we shift our consciousness, we will begin to see a world that is more peaceful, harmonious, and sustainable.”


Dolores Cannon was a visionary who explored the deeper mysteries of life, the universe, and beyond. Dolores Cannon Quotes and incredible words continue to inspire and guide people on their spiritual journey, and her legacy lives on through her numerous books and teachings.