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Christmas Tree History

beautiful christmas wishes to all
beautiful xmas wishes

1.   A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, typically an evergreen conifer, pine or fir tree, or even a fake tree that looks like a Christmas tree, used during the festival of Christmas. The Christmas tree is a broadly acknowledged image of the Christmas season all over the world. Families come together during Christmas and start decorating and adorning the tree and are the centre of attraction in the house. The Christmas tree is also called the Yule tree as many ask what is a yule log.

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best christmas wishes message

2.   A glance at the historical backdrop of the Christmas tree would reveal that the custom of the Christmas tree began in medieval times in some Baltic nations, especially in the country which is today known as Estonia. Then the custom also started in early present-day Germany where Protestant Germans brought Christmas trees into their homes.

Origin of Christmas tree decorations

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christmas quotes to family

3.  In medieval times, the Christmas trees were beautified with red apples to symbolise the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden. The trees were kept outside homes and decorated thus and subsequently, the Christmas trees were moved inside homes and decorated. It is also known that the Christmas trees were hung upside down in the house. In Germany in the sixteenth century, fir trees were decorated with apples, roses, shaded paper and other decoration stuff. It is this custom which is nearer to the Christmas tree customs that we practice today.

Martin Luther and Christmas Tree

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christmas friendship quotes

4.  It is not clear who should be credited with first decorated indoor Christmas tree. There are a number of stories crediting Martin Luther with first placing candles on an indoor Christmas tree. Martin Luther King is also credited with having brought a Christmas Tree home and decorated it with candles. There are accounts also crediting Martin Luther with turning the tree upside down.

Prince Albert Christmas Tree

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merry christmas and happy new year

5.   In the 17th century, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees began to spread throughout part of Europe. The Christmas trees would be decorated with strips of red paper or even apples. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, who had his roots his Germany, is credited with introducing the Christmas tree in England. People liked it very much and it became an instant popular. Similarly, it was the German immigrants who had gone to America in search for better opportunity and life, who introduced Christmas tree decoration that is today such an integral part of Christmas holiday celebrations in the USA.

What is the Real Meaning of Christmas Tree

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merry christmas card

6.  Christmas tree is a symbol of Christianity. It represents the faith of millions of people all over the world in Jesus, his birth and the everlasting life with God. Bringing a Christmas tree which is an evergreen fir tree inside our homes represents fertility. Though this was a pagan theme hundreds of years ago it still holds deep meaning for us even today. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ and the celebrations of happiness and joy.

merry christmas greeting card
merry christmas greeting card

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